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Re: POS or diamond in the rough?

Originally Posted by special-K View Post
.......A vehicle coming out of a classy resto shop can show issues once driven.....
Yep.. got a buddy with a 50 Ford Woody who spent 15 years and north of $250K building it, the first local car show where it was driven any distance it overheated Was traced to a trigger wire that fell off the fan relay. Of course we showed him no mercy!
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Re: POS or diamond in the rough?

I would agree with a LOT of what has been mentioned in the above posts. That is a NICE looking truck. Being in good shape body wise is a lot of the battle to bring one of these old trucks back up to par. My own '71 4x4 could have been the poster child for the "rode hard and put away wet" phrase. But, being a 67-72 4x4 it was what I WANTED and they were hard to find in mid 80's, and much more so now. The bed, both the front inner and outer fenders were replaced, rocker panels, cab supports, cab corners, both doors, hood and tailgate were all replaced. The only thing original to the truck is the cab and running gear. All replaced with original GM sheet metal from salvage yards, swap meets and just pure "digging" for it as needed. Body and paint is pricey and you look to be ahead of the game in that department. Mechanical can be done in order as safety first, reliability second, comfort and looks trail in last.

The mechanical issues you mentioned are not serious and can be addressed as time and $$ allow. Electric fans can lead to need for a larger alternator, heavier duty battery. Not unusual in that instance at all. Adding a 700R4 OD trans brings other issues that would not have needed to be addressed with sticking to an original style TH350. Went thru that on my '71 Chevelle.

Bringing back an older vehicle that has been neglected or hacked on can be a challenge but it is do-able. Been there done that. Wish I had pics of my truck when I first bought it in the computer. To say it was rough is being really kind in your wording, LOL. Now when I drive it and stop in at a gas station, store or whatever it's not unusual at all to hear, "Nice looking truck, you interested in selling "? Answer is always a thanks for asking but not for sale.

Hang in there and two things for consideration. Tackle one problem area at a time in order of importance with safety and reliability foremost. Cosmetics are always secondary and last on the list. Last thing I would say is seriously consider becoming a dues paying member at $25 a year it will be some of the BEST money you will ever spend on your truck. Good luck on your journey.
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Re: POS or diamond in the rough?

I agree with the overall opinion here. If that truck is as straight and rust free as it appears you are in very good shape as everything else can be fixed in time and with $$. I realize your husband may be stinging from spending money thinking he got a truck that needed less than it actually does but if you like the truck get it safe and reliable and drive it. Anything else that comes up you can get to the remainder as needed.

I understand you may have to hire most of it done but you have valuable resources here to come to for advice on pretty much any issue. Just remember to take good photos and post up questions!
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Re: POS or diamond in the rough?

Thanks everyone. Now to continue my love affair with the site search bar to see what I need to start prepping for an engine swap. Got her back today. Planning on driving her to work tomorrow, 45 mins, to start putting her through her paces. Fingers crossed ��
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Re: POS or diamond in the rough?

Good to hear! Too bad that 283 has seen better days. I actually love the way they run. Especially a hotted up one. It may not be so great now with it worn out, but they give noticeably better fuel economy over a 350. As to your original question, I've been wanting to answer that with "You got a piece of diamond in the rough". Howzat?

Here's a song you can play in your head as you are driving your new shorty

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Re: POS or diamond in the rough?

It sucks that you didn't get what you paid for. If I was buying what was billed as a "Show Quality Truck" I wouldn't expect to have to fix everything that you fixed either. The fact that the engine is tired and a ton of little details were overlooked is frustrating. Like another member sometimes show quality means looks good but don't expect to take a roadtrip in it. Unfortunately this will be a learning experience and make you more prepared on how to buy your next old truck. Your in it this far so make it yours and enjoy it!
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Ken O.
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Re: POS or diamond in the rough?

I looked a long time for the 67 GMC I purchased a few years ago. I got it because it had a clean body with no rust. Was supposed to be a "Project truck". The week after I bought it the transmission went out in the 96 chevy (again) and it was cheaper at the time to get the 67 road worthy than a tranny for the 96 chevy. The list of things I found wrong and fixed in the last 3 years is easily twice as long as yours. Yours have been pretty minor, some of mine were pretty shocking. It's all in what you want to do with it like a few people mentioned already. If I had to sell one in a pinch I wouldn't even hesitate to sell the 96. That 67 GMC isn't going anywhere. Ever.
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