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Last few questions before 71 chev 8.1 swap

Done all my research on the vortec 8100, pulled the trigger on one finally. I have read dirtylarry's write up thru amd thru as well as others. I have a couple last issues I need help addressing
My 8.1 is out of a suburban
My 8.1 will be replacing my tall deck 427, from what i gather they are the same block design so should be 100% drop in, my current setup is pushed 2" forward to and has butchered shorty hedman headers that i want to replace, dont really want long tubes tho so i need some recommendations

How is everyone hooking up to the heater core? I only see one coolant port off the motor to use. And does the hook up matter top to bottom on the core itself?

I read that a throttle body spacer is needed for the cable driven body, whats the part # or am I fine just buying a vortec 7400 body and gasket

How do you hook up to the fuel line on the motor, i have the return style with adjustable regulator. FI hose and clamps? Special lines?

Fuel tank and pump, right now i have the old 45 gallon tank, would i be better off swapping to a FI blazer tank and using the in recommended in tank pump or running something else and my current tank (its very clean inside)

I want to do a pcv conversation on the valve covers, can i run the line into the back of the intake were the egr valve went to?

Figureing out my motor year. I was told its an 02 motor, but the intake box says emissions compliant for 2001, which year would it be, i want to replace all the sensors and i know they vary year to year

Where can i find a repair manual with torque specs and sequences? I want to change out all the gaskets while i have it on a stand

Are the major fasteners all the same thread as a 7400 vortec? I want to run arps for the flywheel and maybe headstuds as well

I have seen a lot of different opinions on the flywheel, needs to be neutral balance with metric holes? Will my current tall deck flywheel work? What would be a the part # for the correct one

Lastly i have seen that topkicks came with and air compressor and dual alts, is there anyway to track this setup down. Not super important but i would like to price it out and see

Any picture for solutions to these would be greatly appreciated as well
Thanks in advance
'71 chevy suburban -all purpose rig- in progress
'93 cherokee -dd- mild wheeler
'65 chevy c30 c&c 12' flatbed -farm truck - future tow rig
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