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250 inline 6 2bbl flooding...

Hey, I finally got the c10 ready to hit the road. Well I thought it was lol. My wife and I were going to ride around town, but we get in the truck and I turn the switch and it cranked and then quit, lol. I cranked it again, then I pulled out on the road and it would spit and sputter then quit. Finally I got it back to my house and checked the the fuel line and it was not getting enough fuel because the fuel filter expanded in the valve. So I replaced it and it ran a lot better. Then it flooded really bad and started skipping, so I changed the spark plugs and it ran really good.. I then took it out on the road twice and it still was running pretty good.. But, last week I was driving it and I come to a intersection and it quit on me, we got it to the gas station and it was flooded again, so I drove it to my granny's and parked it. The next few days went by, we go get it and it cranked up and ran great. I took it to the gas station, the store and the whole time I left it idling. When I got back and started to take off, it was acting funny. Every time I would give it gas it would skip.. Hope y'all can help. Thank
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Re: 250 inline 6 2bbl flooding...

Are you sure it’s flooding?
Do you pull the air cleaner off to look?
Is your motor stock?
Is your heat riser functional?
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Old 01-04-2018, 09:07 PM   #3
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Re: 250 inline 6 2bbl flooding...

Based on the chain of events, possible some crud got into the carb when you changed the bad filter out. Also check the suction rubber lines from the tank to frame line and frame line to fuel filter.
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Old 01-05-2018, 01:18 AM   #4
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Re: 250 inline 6 2bbl flooding...

Sounds exactly like what happened to my carb. There was a tiny piece of the fuel filter (old) stuck in the carb keeping the gas flowing in. Cleaned it all out and replaced the filter, runs great.
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Re: 250 inline 6 2bbl flooding...

Similar thing happen to me. Turned out the choke was stuck closed, I took the air cleaner off and looked wile the truck was running and the choke plate never opened when it warmed up. I worked the choke by hand until it started working again, hasn't done it sense.
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