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elf w/capital T
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Question unfused ignition has constant 12v....

i was trying to get my heater to turn on but keeps blowing fuses, so i got a 60amp fuse, silver shell (not a plastic one) and well tried with that, blower still didnt blow and NOW my ignition unfused slots have contant power.... how and why???
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Re: unfused ignition has constant 12v....

umm you fried something in the fuse block, never and i mean never put a higher amp fuse in a spot ment for a lower fuse if the fuse keeps blowing ti means something is wrong now you looking at a short somewhere
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Re: unfused ignition has constant 12v....

If the fuse kept blowing you had/have a short.The blower motor is probably bad. By using a 60 amp fuse you probably just smoked the ignition switch. Your lucky you didnt cause a fire. UNhook the battery asap and start looking for the crispy parts. I would first check the ignition switch and its wiring. From there go to the fuse block itself.
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