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Why is this section so slow?

I am firstly not looking for trouble here.

But I love forums as they are a great community but also amazing source of information for all of us.

I am also a member of one FB group.

I do not do Instagram, never got to know it, and prefer more continuity and back tracking content where you can check back in a year or two. I get the feeling IG is much more disposable like a drive through kiddies Happy meal.

It seems the majority of owners are younger, I am 58 on Sunday and have a 66 C10 as well, so may bridge the model types a bit.

I was just wondering if guys that do post up in here, are on FB groups too, or is this just a part of Chevy truck ownership that has less interest and owners.

I usually advertise forums and the threads I run, elsewhere when I do write up.

Hope that makes sense as a question around how do we make known the whole forum out there on FB world and elsewhere.

Have a random pic as payback.

MY BUILD LINK:]Redneck Express - 1966 C10 Short Fleetside
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Re: Why is this section so slow?

I enjoy this forum for the same reason as you, I can easily find things Iíve read before. Been facebookin for about two years but unless I hit the save button I can never find ads and threads Iíve seen. Instagram I have trouble with, hard to search for things
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Just call me Sean
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Re: Why is this section so slow?

I would guess that most people do the Facebook Twitter YouTube thing instead of these forums.
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Re: Why is this section so slow?

I don't get why so many choose those social media formats over the tried and true forums. My guess is it's the chase for newness that so many seem to live by. The next new thing. I'm not in this forum much because I've only owned one truck that fits here, a '99 ZR2 ext cab 5spd. I never learned much about it, so not much to contribute. I too like the continuity and depth of a forum compared to the hit and run vibe of FB.

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