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Decent Brakes on a 70 C10 for today

I have owned a 1970 c10 short bed for many years, and although I added disc brakes many years ago it still lacks decent braking compared to other newer vehicles. I am starting on the chassis part of the restoration so now is the time to upgrade.

For strong stopping power, what is really the best bang for the buck? Hydrostatic boost or vacuum power brakes?

Can I get really good stopping power and keep the factory 15" wheels or do I need to upgrade to larger brakes/wheel and tires?

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Re: Decent Brakes on a 70 C10 for today

I think hydro or vacuum isn’t really the focal point. To me, I look at the caliper. At a minimum I would be at a dual piston, like a Wilwood D52. Most of the cheap “disc brake conversion” kits comes with really crappy calipers, hence the cheap price. Get better calipers and upgrade your brake lines to stainless steel and you’ll notice a big improvement.
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Re: Decent Brakes on a 70 C10 for today

I have the basic CCP disk brake kit with majority of factory lines. It stops decently most the time but every now and then I have to pump the brakes. I want to be able to run 15” Wheels at least on the rear. What would be the best brake combo that can still run 15” rear wheels.
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Re: Decent Brakes on a 70 C10 for today

can 75 corvette disc brakes be used ?
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Re: Decent Brakes on a 70 C10 for today

Hydroboost will significantly increase the pressure going to the calipers/drums. Increasing the size of the disc in the front would have a sizable effect as well. If you are running 15'' wheels you might be pretty limited though.
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