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Re: Are you a GPS addict?, when travelling.... the term that makes me cringe is when I am coming up to a major intersection at speed and I say to my seriously absolutely fabulous wife...."So do we go straight, or left or right".....and the answer is...."hmmm......let's see......hmmmm.....well...(tick tick tick)" ...and there goes that intersection, lol.

all good
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Re: Are you a GPS addict?

I have used ADC Map books for years and they are very accurate. I have one customer that I load up a 26' penske truck with promotional material and I go around to 290 of their fuel stations to change out material. It takes one other guy and myself about 3 full weeks to do it. I have been doing it for probably 15 years now. I used to let the other guy drive, but even with me giving him directions (I would sit in passenger seat with the ADC book) he just could not hack it and we would miss quite a few turns. After the 3rd or 4th run I felt I had it in my mind good enough that i took over driving the route. I already have a visual in my mind of the station and know how I want to park to allow me to get out the quickest once done. I always take the books with me in case there is construction but I have not even broken them out in the past 6-7 years. I have only had one other guy that could read the books well enough I felt comfortable sending them out with them. I have had classes on how to read them and only he passed the class. I sent one worker over to western MD to do a service job and he called the shop several hours after he should have already been on the job, but was lost. After talking with him for some time we finally figured out he was almost an hour into West Virginia. After that I gave up and put GPS in the trucks. "Most" younger generation has no desire to learn the basics and would be totally lost without the new fangled gadgets.
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Re: Are you a GPS addict?

I'm literally the opposit of a GPS addict. I don't do nav systems at all. I look it up online, zoom in the map and figure it out myself. All my years driving for a moving company and it never failed me unlike nav systems.
I refuse to access internet via my phone. It makes calls, texts, and takes nudy pics of my girl, that's it.
On top of that, I am a built in TomTom nav ap, so I just ask myself when I'm lost.
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Re: Are you a GPS addict?

GPS sucks for me, I don't wont to go a certain route everytime, I love the old highways I keep a large atlas in our vehicles. I have driven coast to coast without it. I like to study the maps and plan a unique route to see America. We did Route 66 end to end useing a guide book with maps wife directing me driving vise versa. Enjoy the road! See my signiture lol
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