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Power Steering questions


I took my daughter to an empty parking lot to practice her parking skills. All was good with the truck, no so much with the parking practice. After about 20 minutes the truck started making some whining, grinding, and rattling noises. We headed home and I discovered the high pressure steering line head split and sprayed power steering fluid over the engine bay. The power steering reservoir was low and I topped it off with fresh fluid but it still sounded horrible pulling into the driveway. It also seemed to drag the engine idle down as well. My question is did we ruin the steering pump or will it return to normal after the high pressure hose is replaced? If the pump is toast, what do you recommend as a good replacement? Also what is the procedure for removing air from the system after hose replacement.

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Re: Power Steering questions

If you ran it dry for any length of time it probably smoked the pump. Replace the broken line, fill it, turn it lock to lock a couple of times. If it is still howling - time for new or rebuilt. I have had good luck with rebuilts but some prefer new. You will need a P/S pulley puller/installer. You can rent one. But you can't get the pump off without removing the pulley. Good luck!
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