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Electrical drain

1969 chevy c20. 350 4 speed. So every time I turn the key on my truck the starter clicks a couple times and gets stuck, and then mY battery voltage plummets. Prior to turning the key the battery holds a steady 12.5-13 volts. This problem sprang up out of nowhere. I had my alt and starter tested and both checked out fine. Battery was new in October. Any ideas what could be causing such a huge drain, and also why the starter keeps sticking?
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Re: Electrical drain

How old is the starter? If you had it tested off the truck it may have tested fine, but on the truck with a load on the armature with worn bushings, it's possible that the armature might drag against the field poles and turn slower.

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Re: Electrical drain

Possible the battery has died. There is a reason they come with warranties.

Does the voltage go to near zero if with the engine off, you turn on the brights, blower motor to max and turn on the wipers?

Double check the battery cables. They can look good and be rotted on the inside. Clean the clamps and battery terminals. A little corrosion can cause a connection to go bad when a lot of current tries to go through.
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