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My first project truck, 93 gmc 1500 extended cab stepside 4x4 w/ 72' 454

This is my first project truck and needs some TLC. I've never tore down and rebuilt just basic up keep so looking at this as a learning experience. My goal is 500hp (off pump gas), mild lift(3-4") and just making it run like it should. Here is what I know about the truck, motor and tranny(th350) need rebuilt. Has a edelbrock 1400 carb(I think). Rear end no idea what it has but looking at it in the morning to find out. AC was cut out by previous owner and a single wire alternator was put in. I'm guessing the old motor that was in the truck was fuel injected because I have cut wires that go to nothing but truck starts and runs. Now it's going to be used for truck stuff out in the woods putting in food plots hualing fire wood and taking a boat out to the lake every so often, an ugly farm truck that will smoke the tires is what I'm wanting and to make that old 454 live again. So what is a solid path for the horse power and use I plan on for the truck?
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Re: My first project truck, 93 gmc 1500 extended cab stepside 4x4 w/ 72' 454

Sorry we missed your post. Engine rebuilds for the first time can be nerve racking. Keep track of things as you disassemble. Label and mark everything. You'll probably need a machine shop to check and clean up the block and heads. Hopefully you know a good one, or do your research with folks before you just grab anyone. Heads are probably going to be your biggest factor. If they are smog 454 era heads, they may need a lot of work or swapping to get the power you want.

Not sure how well the Turbo350 will handle things behind a big block and that expected power.

You are correct that the truck was a EFI (throttle body( originally. NOt sure how all the chopping of wires effect all the dahs and other stuff.

Hopefully some others with more smarts that me can chime in.

Be nice to see some pictures of your truck and engine also.

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