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stock volt gauge ?

I have 2 volt gauges one with fonts and a newer style one.they both have the same ground and power pins #3 and #4 on the circuit board boards they came with but on the ceramic on the back of the gauges the 12 v. stamp is on one side and the other gauge it is on the other side. Is the power wire supposed to go where the 12v. stamp is? I really don,t know if the 2 gauges panels I picked up are original.
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Re: stock volt gauge ?

In terms of their electrical connections, both gauges are the same.

The resistors are not polarity sensitive ... meaning that they can be installed either way on the back of the gauge. And you simply happened to come across a couple of examples that got put on in opposite directions. The "12" marking simply indicates the resistor is for a 12V application and it's location does not necessarily correspond to the terminal that gets connected to power.

On both of your gauges, the stud on the left side goes to +12V. The top/center stud is ground. And the stud on the right is a connection between the resistor & the gauge's internal coil (don't apply battery voltage directly to this stud since it will bypass the resistor, peg, and potentially damage the gauge).
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