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shorter shocks and bump stops

I'm sure this will become obvious shortly, when I go to install my 2-1/2" drop spindles up front and 4" HD drop coils on the rear. Then I plan on taking it to the shop to likely have the control arms checked and/or replaced as well as have an alignment. At that time, if I haven't done so myself first, I plan on having the torsion bars cranked down to give a nice rake towards the front.

With all of that said, can anyone tell me if I need to swap out the bump stops and/or install shorter shocks and if so, what length seems to work on a static drop such as what I'm going with?

I know some just cut the stops, but I think my lower control arm ones need replacing as they are getting weather cracked and the bolt isn't real tight to the rubber. I'm in process of replacing the ball joints and getting started on the spindles/brakes, so now is the time to do this...

Like I said, I'm sure some of it will be real obvious soon, but if I can have the parts on hand, knowing what works while I'm installing the parts, it sure saves the hassle of running around trying to find parts and stopping the install.
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Re: shorter shocks and bump stops

Forgot to mention when I checked with LMC, they seem to say that the drop spindles don't affect the suspension. This is what I seem to recall as well, so I'm guessing until I crank down on the torsion, I'll be good. I'm just not sure at that point. I have no clue how much I'll crank down on the bars....CPP told me the 4" HD Coil in the rear and the 2-1/2" spindle sets it about level, so I'm guessing 1-2" drop via torsion will be about right.

LMC also seems to say around a 4" drop coil in the rear you need lowered shocks. Do I just measure the distance from the perches then buy a shock that fits that length? Do I need a special shock or just any in the correct length from the parts store?

Part of my plan for the shop to do is replace set the torsion bars, with correct stance, back up so they aren't hanging down to catch stuff.
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