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Clutch Hydraulic Line

1991 Silverado 1/2 ton. 4.3. NV3500 5 speed manual. 325K miles.

Have blown 2 x Dorman (Auto Zone) clutch lines (at the hose/metal tube joint) trying to bleed this system. For anyone who's never bled this system before, it takes a while, which is frustrating enough, but to have 2 "defective" hydraulic lines is even more frustrating, not to mention brake fluid sprayed all over the firewall and hood insulation. Nonetheless, once the system finally builds pressure, the line will burst at the joint where the metal is joined to the rubber hose part.

1. I can't think of anything I've installed improperly; master cylinder and the slave cylinder are pretty easy, bolt on/off. Its a pretty simple operation.

2. I've searched for AC/Delco part, but am not able to locate one. Any recommendations for a non Auto Zone part? Auto Zone has been great about exchange/refund and even gave me a quart of brake fluid.

Kind of at wit's end.....

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Re: Clutch Hydraulic Line

How many miles are on the clutch assembly ?
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Re: Clutch Hydraulic Line

I have had bad parts from the Zone , but to have two fail in a row makes me think you might have a problem with the clutch assembly . Did the old line fail the same way ?
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Re: Clutch Hydraulic Line

This isn't exactly the same, but may help with some understanding. I had a roundy round situation with my old '92 K3500 with NV4500. I lost pedal and replaced the slave cyl. (NAPA). Pedal went to the floor again, got a replacement, pedal to floor, so I replaced the master cyl. (NAPA) Pedal to floor, replaced line (GM). Pedal getting low, noticed fluid on inner fender, discovered a stream I couldn't see but put my hand between wet spot and M/C and got sprayed. Fluid was coming through the plastic body. Replaced with another NAPA M/C and same thing. I got NAPA to refund money (warranty is replacement only) so I could buy GM parts. Still lost pedal after that. Took a look inside the bellhousing and discovered the ball stud the clutch arm pivots on was worn way way down to nearly 1/2 a ball. It was causing the cylinders to over extend and blow themselves out. Truck had around 300k on it and figure that metal to metal wear surface gets no lube
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