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3m super strength molding tape

Can paint prep cleaner be used then rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces before using tape?
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Re: 3m super strength molding tape

I cleaned mine with just alcohol before using the 3M tape...been 6-7 yrs now and still holding
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Re: 3m super strength molding tape

Just rubbing alcohol will do the trick . It leave no residue behind when dry . Be mindful of the rag you use . Some rags will leave contaminates on the surface .
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Re: 3m super strength molding tape

Be careful wen you say rubbing alcohol. Typical rubbing alcohol is only 70% and has oil in it. That is a catastrophic problem. You want 99% isopropyl alcohol. Many of the post prep just prior to paint cleaners are little more than Iso and water.

Paint prep cleaner is a generic term but generally yes a wax a grease remover is appropriate prior to any work on a painted surface. How you use these products is as important as what you use. Always use a clean lint free wipe. Wet the wipe, wipe on the cleaner and wipe it off with a dry lint free wipe. Frequently change to a clean area of the wipe and change wipes as necessary. Always wipe on and wipe off in one direction moving any suspended contaminants down the panel. Think of anything on the panel as mud. If you wipe back and forth you smear it around and don't clean it. Wipe it off in a single linear direction and you wipe it away. Sounds picky but it is absolutely critical when cleaning for adhesion of most top coats or adhesives.

VHB tapes like the product you mentioned also require adhesion promoter if use on any of the olefin types of plastics like polypropylene or polyethylene. Know your substrates.
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Re: 3m super strength molding tape

Another thing is depending on where it's at you can use an adhesion promotor.

We use this everyday at the shop on the parts that may require a bit more or they were dirty and we need to make sure it's clean.

What mouldings are you using this tape on, a late model truck? Those big mouldings on a late model GM truck can be REALLY tough. Warm them up, be sure they are going on flat and not pulling up on the ends. I have seen WAY too many of the, fail at the ends so I put a dab of window urethane on them at each end.

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