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Horn wire melted!

Hey, so I was working on the horn for my car( I know it's not my truck but im not actually a member of any other forums) it's a 66 Impala. Anyways I'm getting her ready for inspection cuz I need that after 3 years of working on her. I'm putting in the new horn and I just hook up power and go to test it when suddenly Smoke!!!! Oh panicked. Pulled the neg cable off the battery and investigate. It smoked the horn wire from the steering wheel to where it joins the main harness. From the looks of it no other wires were damaged. Not even on the column harness. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what could cause that to that extent. Any ideas?

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Re: Horn wire melted!

Bad horn relay, shorted horn wire in the column (pinched), shorted or pinched wire elsewhere...
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Re: Horn wire melted!

My guess would be a short to ground. Time to start tracing wires.
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