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Re: My kingdom! My kingdom! My kingdom for an HEI module that will last

Generally speaking, HEI was not put into cars and trucks by GM until the alternators went to internally regulated. And the distributor power wire was not routed to the starter any more to provide the full 12V during start, because HEI distributors were not powered by a resistor wire.

Since you can't know for sure what caused your module to fail, all you can do is improve the conditions it runs with, to make them more favorable or modern. So, that means upgrading to a 12SI or CS130 alternator and remove the external regulator, making sure the distributor power wire is not tied to the starter solenoid like it was from the factory, and replacing the old coil with a good one, perhaps an ACDELCO one from Rock Auto or have a local store like O'Reilly order one if all they want to give you immediately across the counter is their store brand. Other general tune up things like replacing the spark plug wires and distributor cap, if it has been a long or unknown time for that, would also be a good idea.
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Re: My kingdom! My kingdom! My kingdom for an HEI module that will last

I had an 1981 C10 which had a six with the HEI in it for five years, then I put in a Target Master 350 which I ran an HEI in for another ten years, and I never had a module go bad. Never knew it was an issue. I have run a HEI in my 68 C10 for the last six years with an internal regulated alternator and have not had a problem with it either.
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Re: My kingdom! My kingdom! My kingdom for an HEI module that will last

...yep...brings back good ol' memeories..I do like this one time at band camp......

So like this one time...I nailed down an Accell Hi Power module from O'Reliey's...without the silicone base grease insulator ,and I over torqued the base screws until...I heard a SNAP!

2 months later, it just died in the middle of nowhere!

Fortunately, I had the foresight to carry a 4 pin spare...

They are nice to have along!

Carry a spare!

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