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Info For My Build

It's been a while since I've posted on here. There's been a lot of work that I needed to do to fix my daily driver, so sadly I've neglected restoring my 72. I still need to get my wiring and my gauges fixed. I WAS able to get my vent glasses fixed lol. (Needed that with this heat) And I put a filler cap in the side of my bed (Relocated a tank under my bed from a 72 suburban).

For my rebuild I have a few questions:

-How do you measure for a drop?

-What ci should I go with?

For the drop question, my grandfather did lowering springs and dropped spindles but he had a stroke and can't remember how much of a drop it is. How do I measure his truck to figure the drop? Is it from the ground to the bottom of the bumper? Or the top of the tire to the fender?
Here's a pic:

As far as block size, I want a big block. I have a 366ci now, but it's a truck block. I will be looking for a car block (4 bolt main) but I'm trying to figure out how big i want to go. My 366 will stay for gas mileage and the new block will be for fun

Just wanted to ask the guys that have been here longer than me what a good block would be for a street-able track truck.


P.S. Here's some more pics of my gas cap

Sadly, I had to cut into my bed a little to fit the filler-line
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Re: Info For My Build

good project - small blocks fun, big blocks a different kind of fun. a lot depends on your skills and budget.
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