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Steering Box now apart....Hmmmm

I have a leaky steering box, the input shaft seal, not the pittman arm seal. I thought I'd just replace the input seal and go from there.
I like having pics but after many searches, I couldn't find anything that was very helpful so I used Tx Firefighter's post on fixing a leaky box, but without the pics.
From reading the posts, it appears that if the shaft is pulled out of the housing, or turned - - - there will be trouble.

I have lifted AND turned the shaft, I just couldn't help myself I guess.

I was having a hard time removing the gland assembly, it would not slide up off the shaft. I fiddled with it too much I suppose, but did get it to finally slide off. I don't have any snap ring pliers, so progress has now stopped for a bit.

So since I lifted, turned and fiddled with the shaft, how hosed am I?
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Re: Steering Box now apart....Hmmmm

Does this help?

If not, you could always search for other U-tube videos that may help.
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Re: Steering Box now apart....Hmmmm

It would take me too long to explain but there are pins that have to align with slots to get the stub shaft to mate to the spool valve and mate to the worm gear. If you can remove the spool and stub shaft without removing the worm gear you should be golden. Check out this thread for decent pics of what I cannot describe:
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Re: Steering Box now apart....Hmmmm

Picked up some snap ring pliers, the CORRECT size seal kit for the box and working on getting it back together. Thanks for those links, I've seen the Chris Craft Youtube, it is helpful but he goes quick on some things. The Jeep link has good pics.

My question now is, how far down do I drive in the shaft seal before I put the dust seal on? Does it need to hold the bearing down and keep it from any movement?

It looks like I may have additional issues. The bearing in this piece fell out when I was taking things apart, it didn't need any persuasion. It also falls right back in and the whole thing spins. Everything I've seen on this is that it needs to be tapped out and then set back in, which is not the case.

Would I have a problem with the housing (gland assembly) or just need a new bearing?

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