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50 AD truck - M2 - Wheels 'bow' out?

Looked at a 50 chevy pickup half ton. Has a M2 front end and 20 inch wheels all around. Guy drove it and when he makes either left or right turn, the wheels look very odd like the tops stick out on an angle as compared to the bottom of the wheel. Ill try to get a video but it looks scary. Almost like the wheel pushes out from the top on an angle out and will come off lol.

When parked and the wheel turned, the whole front end of the truck height changes oddly as well. Just looks bizarre. Never had any experience with M2 front end.

Any ideas on this? Is it in need of a whole new front end or is it more camber/alignment?

thanks GP.
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Re: 50 AD truck - M2 - Wheels 'bow' out?

Sounds like it has a TON of caster in it. Drag race cars use lots of it because it makes the car go straight...turning, not so easy. If buying, have it put on an alignment rack and checked for that and can it be adjusted back to 3-4 degrees before paying the money.
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Re: 50 AD truck - M2 - Wheels 'bow' out?

I couldn't say it any better than Speedbumpauto did. Excessive caster.
It's real popular with I beam early Ford hot rods to run 8 degrees + caster as they track real with the narrow BIAS ply tires that guys like to run on them. Sometimes that theory drifts over to the guys putting independent front ends in with the results you describe. Out west in Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, West Texas, New Mexico Arizona and Nevada where you see roads that hardly waver from being straight for a hundred miles or more that might not be that bad as the truck probably tracks straight down the road but wheeling though the Mountains in Tennessee it might become arm wrestling with the truck. I think you already figured that out though.
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