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Paint color match

This is Our 63 we love it and want to keep the color , Our hood seems to be beyond repair and we found a new to us Hood, How can I match the paint, Thanks
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Re: Paint color match

hewittca did a great job matching his thru his build and that might help ya out.......
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Re: Paint color match

Perhaps reconsider repairing the original hood? It has the natural patina and may look better repaired than a mismatched hood color?
What is damaged so badly that it can't be repaired? Pics? Maybe we can help you save it....might be easier than matching the paint?

Here's the hood for the 55 Cameo I had and it fit right in with the patina in my opinion.
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So when is this "Old enough to know better" supposed to kick in?

My 1959 GMC build thread
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Re: Paint color match

foot stomper Thanks for the help,, My good that is on the truck has significant rot at all four corners, The interior brace is missing about 4" from being complete, I thought about cutting the corners off the donor and going that rout but I think the little hammer and dolly work on the donor and I will come out ahead,, If you would like I will take a few detailed images over the weekend, so you can see what I am talking about ! as always Thanks
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Re: Paint color match

Nice truck! Your paint looks very similar to mine. If you start on page 9 of my build thread here you will see the process I used to paint my bed to match the original patina on the cab. I got the paint from Sherwin Williams. My dad had a connection through work and they have a nice single stage paint that gives you a similar look to the original single stage paint. The short of it is paint it like the factory did (black primer/sealer, single stage color), and then age the paint to match the original patina. How aggressive you go depends on how faded your truck was. Mine wasn't really that bad so I used 400 grit to slowly work the paint in common wear areas until the primer just started showing through. Then I worked up to 2000 grit to level everything. From there, what you do is up to you. I like the dull look so I left it and just finished it off with 000 steel wool. Of course, you could go all out and polish it up to shine.
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