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Gas tank inlet

The previous owner of my Jimmy said he replaced the gas tank, and without taking it off the truck, it looks to me like he didn't have the metal inlet tube moved to the new tank. I plan to drop it this weekend to see if I can find a leak and I'll see for sure if the metal tube is there or not. So, is it possible to get just the metal inlet tube? Would anyplace even braze it on a gas tank that has already been used?
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Re: Gas tank inlet

You can not buy new the metal inlet that get around the body mount. People typically move one from their old tank to a new aftermarket tank because they are usually in good shape while the rest of the tank is rusted out.
Sometimes a used tank is listed on the parts board from a part out or someone switching EFI. They typically get bought just for that inlet.

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Re: Gas tank inlet

That's the iffy part, hard to say if some one would solder it on, always a chance for an explosion. Maybe a soldering iron, but who knows where the explosion temp. is!!!
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Re: Gas tank inlet

Yeah. Still haven't got around to dropping the tank to verify. Assuming it's not there, if I want to attach a metal inlet neck, I'll probably have to get a new tank too, or have this one reconditioned, huh?
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Re: Gas tank inlet

You can drop your tank, get all the gas out and fill the tank with water before you start soldering, I've done it a few times on motorcycle tanks (it's still kinda scary striking an arc on a tank, even filled with water!)

I copied this from a post by stick72. I dont see why this would not work

"$15.00 potential solution

I picked up a couple of copper 1 1/4 street ells. The "big" end is a perfect slip fit over the tank inlet, the "small" end is 1 3/8 OD, so its a perfect receptor for the gas hose.

I had to trim about a inch off the tank filler tube to insure no interference with the frame or body mount, but I suspect no two of these import tanks are the same so this might not work for everyone.

I researched copper for gas line, but the only reference I could find was that the coast guard requires copper line on boats, maybe it's preferred in saltwater environments. Anyone know of any issues using copper?

Still have to figure out a better solution on the straps....."
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Re: Gas tank inlet

Awesome idea!

I just dropped off my old tank and new tank in order to have their necks switched... had I thought of the copper trick i would have jumped on it!

I deal with copper tubing a fair amount when at work, the copper will not degrade - gas will have no effect on the material. I might be worried about the sweat connection from the copper to steel neck on the new tank cracking over time due to road vibrations and becoming a leak point?

Again, I wish I would have thought of this.
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Re: Gas tank inlet

My K/5 had a replacement tank when I got it...the hose was crammed and kinked so bad that it was almost impossible to put fuel in....

I had to fix my sending unit anyway so I dropped the tank and ordered some pre-formed 45 hoses and a coupling from here:

I cut about an inch off the straight neck on the tank and modified two of the 45 hoses to come out across the frame rail in the same location as the now fills with no problem....

Although I had an original steel neck that was in good shape, that I had melted off an old tank.....

I decided not to go through all the hassle of putting it on the new tank because it already had fuel in it and would have to be drained and cleaned before applying heat to it....

And yes..I sold the neck to a member in Alaska.....
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