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Trans trouble? Need insight

I have a 91 chevy 2wd it has a 700r4. It seams to be hanging in second. It doesn't want to **** until it hits high rpm. Just don't know much about trans ddint know if it's a stuck valve or what drives great just ain't shifting right any insight will help ty
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Re: Trans trouble? Need insight

Your TV cable probably just needs adjusted. Drivers side at throttle linkage. Hold throttle at wide open position, then press in the "reset". Push it back toward the bracket and release the reset. This can cause long, drawn out shifts as well as short shifts. A good transmission shop would help if asked, my transmission guy is particular on how he sets them. Here is a quick video overview. Common issue.

Good luck, should be easy.
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Re: Trans trouble? Need insight

From what you are saying..... it stays in 2nd until you hit a high rpm? Then a hard shift...... >>>>>>>> If you lay off the accelerator, does it sort of idle?

I had my truck stuck in 2nd.... It was the governor. ( It has a plastic spline gear on one end, that can strip..... The other end has weights that spin)

Believe it or not, not hard to replace.... I have a spare in my truck, but haven't needed it since the tranny was built ( and I mean, BUILT, 18 years ago by Art Carr's shop in Huntington Beach, Ca.)

Now, if your shifting points are way off, then, yea, it could be your "TV cable" ( Throttle Valve cable)..... THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT....

That cable determines the fluid pressure. If pressure is low, you could be driving at 70 mph, but the fluid pressure is for 30mph.. It will burn up your transmission!!

The TV cable, adjusted correctly, .. At a green light, you should be shifting into 2nd gear BY THE MIDDLE of the intersection.

Approximately..... like that.
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