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Old 09-14-2018, 03:45 PM   #1
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The best wiring harness?

A friend is redoing his wiring on his 72 gmc c10 this winter,what is the best wiring harness for a c10,no a/c.
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Re: The best wiring harness?

American Auto Wire
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Re: The best wiring harness?

For a stock style harness I’d go with M&H
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Re: The best wiring harness?

Stock lasted 50+ years, buy another stock harness. its plug and play
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Re: The best wiring harness?

I've heard really good things about American Auto Wire because you can customize exactly what they send you. I've also heard good things about Painless Performance wire harnesses. I'm curious to see what kind of feedback people that have installed them have done. I'm doing the same project this winter to mine!
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Old 09-14-2018, 08:16 PM   #6
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Re: The best wiring harness?

I got an AAW classic update. Only thing I changed on their setup was to use a 4 gauge charge wire to the battery and a 200 amp breaker. I have a winch so I installed 140 amp alt.

The kit met all my needs. You will see many like M&H. I didn't care much for the M&H web site. I liked being able to go to the AAW website and look at the install pdfs and the various differences in the wire kits. Just me, if your comfortable wiring then it's what fits your skills and future mods.

By using the classic update kit, I lost the ammeter and external voltage regulator. I was already on an HEI.

I think if your friend gets a wire kit it's good money spent. I had some old camper wire ignite my crusty bed wood. Ya, right on top of the saddle tank. Caught it in time. My rewire followed shortly after that.

Get grounding straps and ground everything good too!

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Old 09-14-2018, 09:02 PM   #7
Mike C
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Re: The best wiring harness?

We went American Autowire Classic Update harness for my kids Jimmy project as well. It is less $ than the repro harnesses and it is geared for what we are planning as mentioned above. (10si alternator and HEI).
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Old 09-15-2018, 09:30 PM   #8
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Re: The best wiring harness?

I use M&H.
Made in USA. Correct GM/Packard connectors.
No crimping tool required.
Correct color codes. Correct lengths. Each harness has a tag signed by the guy who made it up. Custom features available.
Just not cheap.

Every 25 years I like to rebuild that 292, whether it needs it or not.

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Old 09-15-2018, 10:53 PM   #9
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Re: The best wiring harness?

I’ll be using a Painless Wiring harness. I bought it off the parts board for a pretty good deal. Otherwise AAW would have been my choice as it’s what I’m using on Martha and I’m very impressed with it.

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Old 09-16-2018, 04:37 AM   #10
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Re: The best wiring harness?

I went AAW "Classic Update" series. Hands down the best investment I've made to date for my truck. My truck sat for 8 years without a hood. The stock harness was toast from the firewall forward. After researching replacing just the engine and front light harness it made more sense to go full rewire. ($350 for the factory replacement Vs. $500 for complete vehicle rewire.) The reason I chose AAW is because they actually include: new headlight switch, dimmer switch, ignition switch, new set of keys, new taillight pigtails that are exactly how the factory made them. Same GM color codes on wiring (as far as stock goes), every wire is labeled, along with same connectors for each terminal. You do commit to HEI but they sell a kit to retain points, you also loose ammeter function of your stock gauge panel and switch to a one wire alternator setup. You can check their website for the reasoning behind the ammeter function being cut out of the harness, and the one wire alternator setup is a super easy way of insuring power is maintained at all times.

I literally had no knowledge of electrical automotive wiring when I purchased this kit and attempted its install. The only thing I knew about electricity is that it hurt when you touch it.
I was able to install the entire kit myself. Granted it did take me about 40 hours to install. Only because of these reasons: I did not have the correct crimping tool for the job and I soldered, heat shrinked every single terminal I made. if your friend decides to go with AAW, GET THE CORRECT CRIMPING TOOL! I could have easily shaved 1/3 off the install time if I had the right crimper. I will say that even though I didnt have the right crimping tool the entire kit worked from the very first turn of the key. Well except my headlights but that's only because I didnt clean the paint off under the grounds. A little Emory fixed that right up. It's been almost 5 years since I installed the kit and it's probably the only thing that I've done to my truck that has given me the least amount of problems or issues. Practically none. Oh and you change from the glass bulb type fuses to the newer ATO blade type.
I'm currently in the middle of installing this kit in my dads 64 LWB. And all i can say is that they have really got these kits dialed in. I have about 3 hours in the install and I'm practically half way done. Yes, theres only about 12 wires in the entire truck but they really have made a good product better. Photos with the instructions, YouTube links. I even found a decent crimping tool on Amazon for about $30. AAW will rent you a crimping tool or sell you one.( they go for about $180 on their site.) Regardless of where you get the tool, the best advice I can give is GET THE RIGHT TOOL! it makes all the difference.
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Re: The best wiring harness?

AAW, did my 68 and no problems. I had a couple issues and they worked with me to get me through it. Also went with the complete grounding system which saved a lot of hassle !
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Re: The best wiring harness?

give bob or Jeremy a call at rebel wire. American made, great customer service, good quality product.they only offer a universal type harness, but these trucks are straight forward, and they have all the connectors to adapt to your stock stuff if your using it all. this way you can clean up your firewall and reroute the wires for a much cleaner look. did, i mention their customer service is top notch! Jeremy will help you along if you need it daily.
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Old 09-18-2018, 10:24 AM   #13
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Re: The best wiring harness?

im currently installing the AAW classic update kit. Like it so far. everything is labeled and quality product. I am not using the crimp tool (soldering every connector). Just takes a little more time.
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Re: The best wiring harness?

i used speedway motors brand. not much for instructions. but if you know what your doing no problem. always can use American auto wire instructions for reference. Name:  101_0905.jpg
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