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Just bought a 1965 C30... I'm starting this thread to consolidate the questions that I will be asking, so as not to clutter the board.

I looked at a few trucks, and chose this one. It is rough, but it seems right...very right. I'm planning on making it a slightly impractical daily driver, first restoring it to functional, then to reliably functional and fun to drive. Low budget at first, picking up later.

A little bit about the truck: It is a C30 Cab on Chassis. I am going to sell the tank of a metal flat bed on there and put something else...maybe a flat metal/wood. The guy I got it from switched out the original front suspension for an '84 dually front, which gives me disc brakes, as well as setting it up for power steering. He also gave me a spare rear end that has 4.10 gears, so that I can replace the 5.14 to make it a little more drivable. He also gave me a 292 and what seems to be a NV4500 transmission. They are not installed.

A little about me: I haven't worked on an old vehicle since my dad was alive, when I used to help him restore old cars as his hobby, mainly old British things. I learn quickly, but I may ask what seem dumb questions.

Questions that I have:

1.) Would anyone have a link to a diagram of what the clutch linkage is supposed to look like, and the parts needed. There current state is a bar coming out of the firewall from the pedal, which seems to actuate smoothly. I seem to be missing the remainder of the assembly.

2.) Is there anything I would need to know about making it hook up to the NV4500? What clutch fork would I use? I seem to be missing that piece. Supposedly the transmission should bolt right up to that engine, with no mods needed except shortening the driveshaft.

3.) Would anyone recommend an inexpensive engine wire harness? I seem to be missing that.

4.) Would it be smarter to just sell the 292 and get a 454 and put that in? that would be in my plans, I thought I would just get the 292 in there first and use the truck to pick up the parts I need for the 454, as I would just be getting a used one and reringing it, switching to naturally aspirated if needed, not building a street rod engine. Would it be easy to just pull the 292 and drop the 454 in its place? Would the NV4500 bolt to a 454? Would I need to get a certain version? I was leaning towards a gen VI for the roller aspect.

Thank you for your time.

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