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'69K10, Build/Help

Well I had enough of the 402/th350. I didn't like the motor or the 3 speed trans and once the trans developed a problem with pushing fluid into the transfer case and ruined the seals in it, it was time for something different.

I considered a 4L80e but with the cost and the re-positioning of things behind the 4l80 AND the things I needed to do to make the 402 more reliable and driveable, I just decided to go back to a small block and overdrive trans.

Smart or not I bought a HT383/4L70E connect and cruise combo from GM.
Motor is a long block.
I have been buying as much as I can to have everything ready as I install it.

Old drivetrain is out. New motor is on the floor, trans has been attached to a rebuilt NP205 and is ready to go in.

I'm not a mechanic but I do all my own farm machinery maintenance. I'll readily admit I'm better if I have a manual or parts diagram as most everything I do is the first time i've done it, whether farm equipment or vehicles. I have the truck in a garage, Ive got a engine lift and all the basic tools.

I'd feel better about the re-install if I had some sort of checklist to go by. Meaning something along the lines of "do this and this first, make sure you do this while the engine is out, then do this and this and this." I just don't want to put it in and then have to take it out etc...

I've got a guy who rebuilt the T/C gonna help me install the trans.

So this thread is less "look at what I did" and more of asking for help with issues that may be real easy or common for guys that have done this many times.

So my first issue is this.

I want to put as much as I can on the motor before it goes into the truck, started with what should be the simplest thing, the crank pulley.

Got a Jegs pulley 555-514114 for small block chevy with long water pump.

Went to put it on, won't fit. Center hole in the pulley is 1 1/8", damper has big plate washer behind center bolt that is 1 3/4" diameter. I can't find any pulleys that spec out a bigger center bore, 3 mounting holes line up, but I can't believe the lip on the pulley is just supposed to rest against that plate washer. If I get center of pulley machined out the lip on the back of the pulley will be gone that must have some purpose.

So any help is appreciated, what do I have confused?
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KyFarm's Build/Need help thread

1969 K-10, Short Step, (383HT/4L70E soon)-NP205
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