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Re: new front leaf springs sitting crooked

"Dumbassery"; I like it! Good for you for figuring it out!
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Re: new front leaf springs sitting crooked

So, even with the correction of the bushings the axle still sits and inch or so back on one side? If you frame is straight, axle perches are correctly aligned, and you have verified that both leaf spring packs have the same dimensions between spring eyes and from spring eyes to centering pins, then I would take a close look at the front spring eye mounts that are riveted to your frame. Has one of these been bent back, removed and welded into place, or otherwise tampered with? Again, just a thought.
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Re: new front leaf springs sitting crooked

I know it sounds too hard to believe. That's what makes me go out to the garage three times a night thinking that it MUST be obvious, but I can't find any cause of it. Everything looks original, clean, uniform and correct.
I came across a picture the other night that was right before I took it to the shop to put the lift on. The driver's side wheel was centered in the wheel well. Now the wheel is obviously more forward. It has to be something they did, but it should still be obvious!
I have tried to make the measurements come out wrong on the springs, but they are the same on each side.
The lower shackle on the driver's side is angled forward and the passenger side is straight down, so I will have to measure more (again) on the front spring eye mounts.
I'm going to pull the front springs off and hopefully figure out what could be causing it.
The funny thing is the owner of the shop made a point to tell me that the axle was crooked and proceeded to say that the frame must be bent and so on. I did not listen because I was already highly irritated with them.

I will be out of town for a couple weeks so it will have to wait.
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Re: new front leaf springs sitting crooked

I wonder if someone left the old metal sleeves in from a past rebuild
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