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Old 09-08-2019, 07:19 PM   #1
old Rusty C10
Robert Olson Transport

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What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

well I filled the left bedside and started grinding cutting and welding on the right.. How about you all
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Re: What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

Finally got my e brake hooked up. Baby steps.
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Re: What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

Spent a day finding all the 6.2 diesel parts to go with the 87 I'm selling. Buyer is supposed to get it Tuesday. He doesn't have room for the 3 parts motors do I guess I'd better tear them down and see if they are cores or tractor counter weights. Probably will keep the 82 red block together for now.

Since I sold the S10 and the 77, all I will have left is 2 complete trucks and a barn full of parts.
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Re: What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

I got my original 140k mile steering box & pitman arm swapped in favor of a fresh Redhead steering box & new Moog pitman arm. Got the old box cleaned up to return to get some $ back.

I should get a shipment today for tune-up parts (ignition parts). I found a plug wire cooked on one cylinder while doing an inspection during the recent XJ steering shaft install I completed. So some new wires + 1200°F heat shields were ordered along w/general tune-up stuff. Also going to get the carrier bearing replaced, swap in some fresh u-joints, & get the driveline balanced. I never did this service once it hit the road because I was on the fence about upgrading to OD (either a GV OD unit or a 4l80e). Either would have required shortening the driveline & I didn't want to pay twice. Well, the TH400 is still in there 4yrs/7k miles later & I haven't come across a deal good enough to swap it out for something else so I'm going to make things fresh.
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Old 09-10-2019, 02:04 AM   #5
At the body shop.
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Re: What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

New CS130 alternator
New 6 gauge charge wire to battery in the bed.
New belt's too.
And a pitman and idler arm on our '68 too
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Old 09-13-2019, 12:03 AM   #6
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Re: What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

I got my front bed panel stripped using a clean & strip disk on the angle grinder. Be smart and wear safety glasses with those. Spending two hours at the doctor to see if you screwed up an eye is not worth walking past the face shield/safety glasses. Ask me how I know... (I lucked out with just a scratch and some eye drops)
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Re: What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

half worked on a square this week .

had a old bumper and needed one on this . so i heated the brackets and bent them back as they were twisted . then i bolted it up to the new home for it .

pickup trailer #2 never had a bumper . so i installed one and made it much better now .

also put on a special sticker on the right side .
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Re: What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

Installed my new valve covers (original ones were hammered looking), but after getting them installed I realized there wasn’t a good way to add oil. So I installed an aluminum filler neck. Pulled the valve cover, hole sawed an 1-1/4” hole and 3 small threaded holes later and putting the valve cover back on...done.

Before & after...
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