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So i got my truck a while ago when i first started i had to take the rear end apart
Since someone had welded the spider gears , that cost me around $140. Tires were bald that cost me around $1000 by the time i was done. I put in the new clear headlights with the bulbs and heavy duty headlight harness for better night driving that was $400 , i have new led tailights still that were $230 . i bought a new battery that was $100. New brake pads and front hoses $50 which are incorrect i believe they are 2wd hoses summit gave me) now the big thing... The transmission has leaked ever since before i got it my wifes grandad and i spent part of a day dropped the np203 down to fix it thought we got it , well needless to say after driving through atlanta on i75 and seeing smoke i got back and checked underneath to see nothing but oil everywheres. So i drove it on and off filling it repeatedly at $10 a time which lasted maybe a day before leaking out. We had a baby only a few months old and we had been getting eat up in bills, we were stuck living with my inlaws i finally just said screw it and took the truck off the road because there were so many other small things wrong with the truck and i was dead broke.

Finally we have got our own place, i have been making better money, our daughter has been a little btter money wise , and i have some new energy to throw at the truck im going to fix the t -case/ transmission leak my self and im going to fix some of the other issues before it goes back on the road, ive just realized how much effort and time i have into it and now i need my own vehicle now that we have our own place, trying to fix All the leaks should be funny. Our place where we stay has a thing posted in their office that says no leaking vehicles clean up at your own expense.
Happy to finally be interested again
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