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Re: Mike's 50

Originally Posted by MIKESAD50 View Post
It still runs up to 190-200ish depending on how I drive and also most of the driving I do is stop and go commute traffic.
I figure it would be the same aprox. as coolant temp if run thru the radiator cooler since coolant temp runs in the 200-205 range while in traffic.

Not sure if I will move it yet or not. I think if I wrap the exhaust that might help some also.

over 1325 miles and only issue so far was running out of gas once, and also had a failure of throttle system yesterday and had no pedal response, cleared throttle position sensor code and running fine again so far.
Settling on the right alittle more than right side so I will swap shocks left to right
I think I'm about 4 months out in getting my truck running so I will be going through many of the same issues I'm sure!

Regarding the trans cooler - I had good conversations with both my trans builder (mine is a stock rebuilt 4l80e behind a stock 6.0 LS-based truck motor) and the technical guys at Derale. The trans guy strongly recommended I use an external cooler and also run through the radiator. He suggested a cooler rated at 20k GVWR or larger. The Derale specs are not consistent and some specify BTUs and others GVWR - hence the call.

Their tech weenie there said he would consider the 15850 cooler pretty marginal for our applications as it is basically a 6 pass cooler with big, fat 1/2" lines. Given that these transmissions can apparently develop pretty high line pressure the oil moves through the big lines pretty quickly and doesn't cool much.

Instead, he suggested a stacked plate cooler (p/n 13960) where the oil moves through the plates vs just the lines and therefore has far more cooling capacity due to significantly greater surface area. It's the same general size and can also be mounted flat against a floor or frame rail (assuming it fits). I'm giving one of those a try and should have it tomorrow.

my '51 build:
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