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relay flasher problem

I have a 2006 Chevy 2500. When I turn on the key you can hear a clicking noise and the dash lights pulse with the clicking, also the parking, tail lights will and clearance lights will flash off and on. If you turn on the parking and/or headlights the lights stop going on and off, but the relay clicking noise continues. The clicking continues for around 2 minutes then stops and everything works fine. But if you turn off the key and turn it back on the relay clicking starts again, the turn signals and emergency flasher work OK when it is clicking. When the lights are off the parking light relay is pulsing, when the parking lights are turned on the relay stops. but the clicking noise continues, sounds like a relay or flasher
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Re: relay flasher problem

sounds to me like it could be one of 3 things, first question is: does your horn work properly?

it sounds to me like your truck has/had an alarm, maybe aftermarket and when you open the door the lights are flashing as i would assume your horn doesnt work or it might start blaring at you too. usually turning the key to run will kill the alarm.

second question: do you unlock your truck with the OEM key fob or do you use the key in the door? if you use the OEM key fob, try using the key. it just sounds like the alarm is trying to go off.

second thought is that you either have a bad relay or that someone along the way has installed the wrong relay or even a LED lamp relay in the spot that controls your dome/parking light and because it is failing it is sending a short to the other half of the relay causing what you have going on.

3rd thought is that the GEM is failing for one reason or another. the GEM is what usually controls your door dinger when the door is open and the key is in the ignition, also your flashers, your windshield wipers, your seat belt or airbag safety warning lights or buzzers.

I am thinking most likely it is the alarm just because when you turn the key it quits. like i mentioned, usually doing something like pressing the lock button on the inside door panel, closing the door, then opening the door using the key and starting the truck will do a soft reset of the alarm. if the truck is new to you i would bet that someone along the way someone installed the aftermarket alarm and perhaps you do not have proper key fob for that alarm.

let me know. I am curious now.
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Re: relay flasher problem

The vehicle is new to me and upon further investigation the key fob is for an aftermarket alarm. So that must be the cause of the problem. I tried the soft reset but no help, I will see about removing the alarm tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

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