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Old 11-10-2017, 06:54 PM   #1
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Surface rust on roof

My 86's paint has been thin on the roof for years but recently it got so thin that its starting to gut surface rust in spots. The metal doesn't appear damaged, what is the best approach? I was thinking sand it down and spray paint it, should I use any chemicals?
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Re: Surface rust on roof

I'd sand it down to remove all rust, them primer and paint. No need for other chemicals if you get the rust off.
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Re: Surface rust on roof

The best way would to take all the way down to the bare metal. Epoxy prime, paint then clear coat. Epoxy primer is almost a must now-a-days
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Old 11-12-2017, 02:20 AM   #4
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Re: Surface rust on roof

Sanding does not remove the rust from the pores of the metal, simply because sanding is a Surface Prep. Try this: Wet some shop rags or an old towel in 50 / 50 White Vinegar & water, lay the towel down on the rusty part & cover with some plastic wrap of some type tightly to keep the moisture in. A couple of overnights & the rust will scrub right off then sanding & priming will be much more productive. Works ever time!
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Re: Surface rust on roof

I have the same issue. I will just be sanding mine smooth, not necessarily to bare metal. The good advice above will get you to a like new finish. The rest of my truck is not like new. I will be using the Rustoleum products that you thin and roll on with foam rollers. My roof is white so I will probably tint the white paint to get it close to my factory color. Roll on the Rustoleum primer, roll on the paint. Wet sand it a little, buff it, and call it good. Will be the nicest part of the truck but will fit in better than a perfectly glossy new roof and will be a good base if I ever move past the patina/character mode and into nice paint.
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