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Too many projects
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255/85/16 tires on ‘04 Burb

I haven’t found a lot of info on this size on these years so I wrote this post for anyone that wants pictures in the future:

I’m really digging what I’ve done with my winter beater ‘Burb. It’s an 04 I picked up for $300 from my cousin with an overheating issue. I sold the stock wheels/tires for $300 as I planned on parting this out, but changed my mind. I will be using it as a winter beater until it’s time to part it out to donate the drivetrain / likely entire chassis to my 53 Willys Wagon. But I sold the wheel package before the decision to drive it and needed some new shoes. I researched a little and bought these tires as they’ll also fit nicely on the Willys when the time comes.

Anyways, here are a set of 255/85r16 Dick Cepek Extreme Country tires on 16x6.5 steelies (91 C2500) rattle canned with eBay cheapie center caps. I also used a set of eBay $20 torsion keys on it, Z71 rear springs, and welded new Nivomat lower rear shock mounts. By my tape measure I’m up 2” up in front and 1.5” rear plus the .5” difference in radius of stock tires (32”) to new (33”). Speedo is accurate (verified by phone GPS app) and they ride a little stiffer (load range E tires) but it’s all worth it. These tires just plain hook on gravel and dirt, haven’t tested snow yet.

Some pics:
1) When I picked it up (the suspension is slightly compressed by the winch)
2) Fresh tires
3) Big brother 68 K20 delivered the tires from the mount and balance
4) Parked by my boss’ stock burb for a comparison
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