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Swappimg out a torque convertor

After finally healing up from a shoulder injury, I decided to tackle the job of replacing my torque convertor. It will be the first time I've attempted this. I already have most evreything disconnected. I need to get a flywheel took so I can unbolt the convertor from the flex plate. Any tips would be appreciated. It's a 350/700r4 combo in my '57.
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Re: Swappimg out a torque convertor

There's not too much to it. You don't really need a flywheel tool; you can turn the flex plate with a screwdriver. Just remember when you install the new torque convertor to seat it fully before you start to button things up. It has to engage the pump, so slide it in and turn it until it goes all the way back.
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Re: Swappimg out a torque convertor

hey, another way....use a socket on your crank bolt with a breaker bar... turn until you remove all three bolts. could use a 9/16 wrench and turn the flexplate using the TC bolt...oh, yea you could simply use a channel lock pliers and turn the flexplate.....or just use a large pry bar/screwdriver and push up on the flexplate teeth....or you could spend money and buy yourself a flexplate/flywheel turner tool......shade tree getter done approach....
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