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An LMC Experience

Not what you're thinking. Take it for what it's worth.

Ordered a bunch of cab patches for my '79 K20 5 years ago. Ran out of time, so I just got the driver's side done. Fast forward to now, finally getting the passenger side done. I did not do the cab corner on the driver's side in 2013, so figured I'd do it now. Ended up ordering the cab corner and a rear of front fender patch from LMC. $25 worth of parts, didn't put much thought into it. Five years ago I had ordered the parts from somewhere else, probably GMCPauls or Classic POA.

So last Thursday the parts show up. The fender patch looked good, but the cab corner was one of those thin, horrible quality things that I assumed were all at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where they belong. Mostly I was mad at myself for not paying attention and assuming that large parts suppliers had by now learned that selling that crap is not worth it.

I figured that I had nothing to lose, so I got a beer and made a phone call to LMC customer service. I explained the problem. I told her that my truck is not nice and I am not picky, but I wouldn't waste my time on such a low quality part. She said the last time they had a "low quality" complaint on this item was 2015. I said you now have one in 2018. But I was polite. It wasn't her fault. No way was I going to pay to ship it back to them. The agent said she would check into this and promised to call me back, but it might be a couple days. Whatever. Figured that was the end of it.

To my surprise she called back Monday afternoon and said they had found a better cab corner and were shipping it out ASAP. It showed up today and is the heavy gauge part I was expecting in the first place.

They took care of it, so give credit where it is due. This was inexpensive stuff and I do not buy a lot of parts from LMC. They could have just blown me off, like I expected. But apparently those Bud Light can gauge patches are still out there, so buyer beware.
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Re: An LMC Experience

Nice ��
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Re: An LMC Experience

That's impressive customer service. I placed a large order from them recently ($800ish) and a couple weeks after they sent me a hand signed thank you card for my order. Ive never gotten that from anyone before.
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Re: An LMC Experience

Might want to dress the edge of the patch panel, cut into the original metal, dress the edge, and compare thicknesses in real life. You could get a surprise.
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Re: An LMC Experience

well I guess there getting better last year when I dealt with them their customer service was aweful
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Thumbs up Re: An LMC Experience

Zac I'm glad they did the right thing for you and it's good to hear. It's been year's so many I honestly can't remember the last time I ordered anything from LMC. But I've had pretty good luck with them.

But I operate on the same principle with them as I do Harbor Freight!!! Some thing's they have are okay and others are JUNK!!! It's up to me to figure that out.


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