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How to take apart Glove Box Latch? - Solved!

For my 77 Bonanza, I bought a new glove box from LMC. Thought it would take maybe 5 minutes to replace. Now, 30 minutes later, still stumped on how to remove the door catch. It's not a locking type, just a 1/4 turn latch. Any hints? Thanks, LBJ

I went back out to the shop and took another look at the latch. It HAD to come out the front side somehow so I inserted a small diameter wire in the tiny hole in the front side and kept working with it. Finally, after much tugging and pulling, the latch mechanism came out. So, just takes some determination. On putting it back together, you need to thread in the keeper-nut very smoothly to keep from cross threading it. Then, you need to find a suitable steel bar to turn the keeper-nut as tight as it will go. Once that is in place, just reinsert the latch mechanism with the wire still inside until it re-engages and you are set. But, you do not have to take the little roll pin out to get it apart. That would set-free at least 3 springs that you'd never get back inside the latch!
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