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Methods for color sanding

Today i was color sanding on Landons truck and i decided to try something different. Usually i sand and towel dry to check progress. Instead of toweling i used one of those silicon drying blade things to wipe of the sanding slurry.

It worked really well.

I also tried an interface pad and orbital sander for the 2000 and 2500 grit sanding. Wound up with a few pigtails so that wasnt so great.

But they are real hard to see and it did buff easy.

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Re: Methods for color sanding


I use to sand and buff main arena show cars, every square inch cut to zero texture, door jambs firewalls, everything. I did too many to count, I actually loved doing it. And yes, the 3m squeegee was THE tool for pulling it off.

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Re: Methods for color sanding

In my uncle's shop we used the red putty pads with the leading edge sanded down . Little small but always worked.
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