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Tach install trouble

Hey everyone,

I went to install a new tachometer as the previous one was not working. So i picked up an equus 6068 (black to match the dash a little better). Anyways installed everything, followed directions, and the RPMs were bouncing around between 4-5k at idle. Called theyre hotline and guy tells me it must be bad, return it and get another one. Went and hooked up the new one today and the same exact problem. Called the 800 hotline and he tells me to clean out the inside of the distributor.

Just figured I would ask here, maybe someone has experienced similar.

Thanks in advance.

Also, noticed this loose blue wire/socket from previous owner
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Re: Tach install trouble

If it is like the older Sun tachs it had a switch on the back of the tach for 4, 6 or 8 cyl. Make sure it is on the proper setting. Other than that I am of no help.

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