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Cutting a long step side to short step side

I just picked up a 1969 c10 short fleet side truck, my issue is the driver side bed is damaged beyond my ability to repair it. I found a step side long bed in CL, my question is does it need 12 inches cut in the front and 8 in the back same as the fleet side beds.
Thank you
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Re: Cutting a long step side to short step side

I think you’re time and money ahead to just buy a re-pop short fleet bedside to replace the damaged one. There’s only one small weld area to cut by the tailgate hinge and the rest is just bolts.
It would be hard to shorten those step bed sides without it warping since they’re so flat.
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Re: Cutting a long step side to short step side

I can't help with your actual question, but I wanted to back up Clay's comment. Buy the replacement bed side. feel the need to experiment and learn how to work sheet metal by starting off on a higher level task. (I assume that you a may be new to sheet metal work, if that is true then tackling a bed mod would be like taking algebra before taking basic math.) It could be done, but your final grade will reflect it, if you don't give up and quit the job. I started my metal work experience on my 72, but started with the floor boards, then the rockers and cab corners, then the doors, then the bed and my bedsides still turned out wonky. I needed the learning experience which worked out very well, BUT I should have bought the bedside that I needed. I assure you that I spent $400 on materials to "fix" the bedside and many ,many, many hours of my time to end up with a bedside that is a little wavy. I suppose a step side would be a lot easier than my fleet and if going to a stepside is your goal there would be money saved if the used bed is priced right.

More power to you, and if I can help with metal working tips just hit me up.
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Re: Cutting a long step side to short step side

To answer your question directly, you are correct. The difference in longbed vs. shortbed dimensions is the same whether it's a fleetside or stepside. If you prefer the stepside over a fleetside, then this would be a good opportunity for you to do so. If you are doing it from a difficulty or cost perspective, I agree with the others in that you'd be better off overall to just get a replacement fleetside.
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Re: Cutting a long step side to short step side

Unlike the fleetsides, there are very few longsteps around.

Save that longstep bed for someone who will appreciate it for the gem it is.
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Re: Cutting a long step side to short step side

if you are wanting to go stepside theyare way easier to find than fleetside. I found one complete for $200. took me a year to sell it.
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