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01 Blazer Gas Gauge Issue

My daughters Blazer started having gas gauge issues. The gauge seems to have a mind of its own. It will read correctly half the time and show empty the other half. When the needle is on Empty, the low fuel light will also be on. So those seem to be working together.

There are no CEL's for this issue. I have a P0650 which indicates an issue with the CEL.. go figure. I suspect the sending unit in the tank, but wanted to get your feedback.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: 01 Blazer Gas Gauge Issue

From my experience.

If the pump is the oe pump then it may be on its way out,the sending unit getting sloppy and giving wack readings is a early indicator of it.

If the pump and module have been replaced then it's normal for the sending unit not too work
Aftermarket modules the sending unit part don't seem to last or work very long.
It seems the piviot point for the float gets real sloppy in short time and the two halves of the rheostat loses contact with each other. Some bounce around on the pivot with sloshing gas and that's why you get a bouncy needle.

From what I have read online.
If your pump goes out its best to just replace the motor and not the whole module,as the oe modules have a much better fit on the pivot point on the body. Some lose contact over time some dont.

5 yrs ago I put a new airtex module and pump in my z and learned afterwards that replaceing just the pump motor is
the way to go.

With my new airtex module the gas guage only worked for about three months after.
Dropping the tank or pulling the bed is too much work too remove and play with the module.
I've been using the tripometer as a guide and usually only fill the tank till the pump clicks off the first time.
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Re: 01 Blazer Gas Gauge Issue

id vote its most likely the sender. but we had a dodge charger come into work a few weeks back where she brought it to the dealer and they said the same thing that she needed the sending unit replaced. ended up being the dash cluster, using all my years of experience i used a old trick of smacking the dashboard everytime it crapped out and it started working again.
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