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Old 03-08-2018, 01:27 AM   #26
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

Id say between 3.5K and 4.5K
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

I am wondering, since it is a municipality, they usually have to list it for sealed bid. I don’t think they can just sell it to you.

I purchased a 71 from our city several years ago. It is rusty and I just wanted it for parts. The city clerk said they had to advertise sealed bids in two different newspapers for two weeks with a deadline for consideration.

I bid 275.00. And was the only bid.

There are laws a municipality has to follow when selling off public property.
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

Originally Posted by grumpy old man View Post
offer a $1,000.00 and they will come off the price they were thinking already, it's the oldest sales trick in the book having the buyer set the price when the seller doesn't want to shortcut himself out of potential profit .

You : How about $1,000
seller what ? I was thinking maybe $1,500.00 , now you know where your at rather than walking up and offering $4,500.00 foolishly .

You can't be both the seller and the buyer Your not there to make a new best friend your there to buy at the best deal possible .
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

Just paid $7500 for this one in Arizona. Rust free and pretty original. From my view, rust changes everything. Oh and this is an original a/c truck.
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Old 03-08-2018, 02:52 PM   #30
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

I'm new on this side of the Forum; been on the 60-66 forum for awhile. I've been looking for a 67-68 for my next build so I've been shopping prices and trucks.

If a Municipality is selling this particular truck they are looking to get rid of it. It doesn't matter what the "market" is bringing; shortbox adds value, no options decreases value; no rust adds value.

However, it is still a Municipality selling the truck.

I'd personally offer 500.00 and see what their temperature is. If they say "sold" then you stole it. If they grin and smirk then tell them to give you a number.

just my thoughts.
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

I just want to know if you got it or not...
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

Not an expert here either, but in general, they probably aren't looking for as much as you may be willing to offer. I agree with others, since a municipality is looking to get rid of it, and asking you what you're willing to pay, ...start out low.

Cool truck, ...good luck and hope you get it : )
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Old 03-08-2018, 04:19 PM   #33

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Re: Whats a good offer for....

Tell them you want $1000 to take it off their hands.
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

Originally Posted by jocko View Post
That's what I thought. Thanks jocko.

Man... I really hope that if I have to sell my truck people will offer me way more than it's worth so they don't "hurt my feelings"...

Go in low and meet somewhere south of the middle.

'cuz chicks dig scars...

My 1972 GMC 1500 Super Custom (Creeping Death) "long term" build thread.

The Rebuild of Creeping Death after the wreck

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I would never rebuild a 305.
Originally Posted by prostreetC-10 View Post
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Originally Posted by Marv D View Post
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

Well I appreciate the responses on this. I’ve been in touch with the main city guy who actually told me about it and such. We got together on a price of 2500 and when we were going to get the deal done they stopped it because of what was said before, they’ve got to do a sealed bid on it. I need to run the numbers on the motor since he says it’s a 307 but just wearing a 283 hat. Has some rust through on the floors by the kick panels and some soft spots on the rockers. I’ll keep up to date with it though. Wouldn’t be a bad one to have but can’t be too eager with it having some rot in places.
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

well, i'd offer more in the sealed bid as someone already knows you offered 2500. I would pay 7500 for that here.
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Re: Whats a good offer for....

Its got a bunch of rust ! What u can see/feel is only the tip of the iceburg. U can buy these rust buckets all day long on east coast for half that amount. If u want that much work, and its a Ton of work, i wouldn' t give over 1 grand. Heck, theres a running 4x4 by my house that needs everything for 2 grand. Its a 69 i think.
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Re: Whats a good offer for...., its going to be sold by sealed bid....which means there is some marketing coming to the public at

Well the free market is about to get involved the $1000 bid is unlikely to go anywhere with this truck.....noting that 'low balling' doesn't work at auction.

No one on this site would ever sell that truck for $1000....some cab rust..whatever, no one.

As stated earlier, that truck is going to sell for over $2500 in my opinion.

So the question is...what is the truck worth to you?...your bid needs to be that number or very close to it.

....for some men, there is experience, skill and effort....for the others...there is visa and UPS LOL
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