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Greasey Harley
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73-87 door speakers

I bought my 79 k10 to practice body work, before I tackle the rust in my '68. I figure square-bodys are still cheap and plentiful, might as well cut one up
Looking to put door speakers in my '79, problem is the recessed channel running along the lower panel. I can't stand the gap that is left behind the speakers.

^^^^Google Image^^^^ Not my truck^^^^
Drives me crazy. ...still, I think ,the best place for speakers though.

Anybody ever smooth the front of the channels to get the speakers to fit better? I have looked everywhere but havn't found any pics.
I was thinking just smooth the front 12" or so, and transition to a factory looking channel just behind the door speakers.

Or better yet, pics?
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Re: 73-87 door speakers

I'm exploring a similar situation. I've done a lot of stereo systems in the past but never a single cab square. It is extremely limited in speaker placement for a high quality system. I pulled an extra set of doors out yesterday to compare them to my current ones. Realized that power windows take up the space in the door where you have your 6x9, so I assume yours is manual? In your case, I would make a ring out of mdf board to mount the speaker to the door. The rigidity will greatly help the metal and support the speaker. Just use some poster board and make a template. Either shave down or build up the door side to get the correct profile. I would use silicone to seal and attach it to the door alone with sheet metal screws. Then attach your speaker to that. It's gonna take some effort to do it right.
I have a question for you: Any chance you could expose the area behind the kick panel? I would kill for a parts truck I could sacrifice to peel the metal back and see the structure behind there. I want to mount 6.5's in the kick panel, but I want them as flush as I can get them.
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