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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

Its how wide they are mine 16in wide on label, some 35s are truer than others and the flex.

With a 4in if it flexs a few inches and you are turning it will bend the fender back like in my pic. With a 6in you can flex a few inches more before it happens.

The back spacing also is major, width of rim, and many other things, i say 6is pretty much required, and you are going up trails so flex will happen.

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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

i had a set of general m/t's that measured a true 33 inches but were labeled 35x12.50

not i have 38x15.5 but measure now at 37ish with wear.

if you dont want to get a 6", i think a 4" and 1" b/l would work good. my dads running a 4" with a 3" b/l and is thinking of running a 35-36 tall tire.
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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

my tires are almost true 35's (34.9in) and i run the stock rally wheels with 12.5in wide tires and under the most flex ive ever done they didnt rub. it may be diffrent between diffrent trucks though...
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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

A 6" is ideal for 35s.Boggers have lugs that hang way out and the width is the issue.8" wheels get you by where 10" won`t in some cases,also.Axle wrap isn`t a big issue.I ran blocks for years.Too steep of a driveshaft angle or improper length can cause a variety of breakage problems.Slip yoke transfer cases add to the problem.You can get by with no lift with 33s on 8" wheels,but a 4" sets it up healthy and gives no limit to wheel travel w/o looking lanky.I ran 13/37s on 8" wheels w/7" lift on a`71 Blazer with no clearance problems.I ran 12.50/35s on 10" wheels w/6" EZ-Rides on a`72 p/u and they could rub when twisting.The tires were Xterrains,no side lugs.The Blazer had Super Swampers.

I like the Tough Country EZ-Rides for ride,quality and price.They make a heavy duty spring,too,if you aren`t looking for more flex and softer ride.I wouldn`t run a shackle flip on a truck that hauls heavy loads.That`s my personal feeling.The ideal set-up for hauling and not riding like a rock while gaining flex would be EZ-Ride/Soft Ride rear springs w/auxilary air bags,lift Air Lifts.They add a true 1500# capacity when needed and have no effect of suspension when not needed.I also got great results for flex/ride/hauling with EZ-Rides and Rancho 9000RSXs.I put them on my`91 Suburban and leave them on "softest" most of the time.This is with the cargo area filled with carpentry tools.When I add hauling a trailer I set them to "firmest" to eliminate body roll/mushy handling.
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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

very good info tim!!

straight from skyjackers catalog

67-72 FS

ht ts offset is 3.5 - 4"

4" 36"

6" 38"

8" 40"

driveline mods only needed on 8" kits.
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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

It's probably got a 2 or 3 inch body lift on it.... I must be the only person who thinks body lifts look bad-ass. No one else seems to like them??
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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

I have a Tough County 4 inch EZ ride with 35" Mickey Thompsons that dont rub at all. The lift is all springs and appears to be well made, but the ride is very rough. I have double shocks up front and single shocks in the rear. All of it was put on by the original owner, so I'm fixing to go to a different brand 4 inch lift from either Rancho or Skyjacker. I would stay away from Tough Country if you don't want a rough ride.
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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

Are there any board vendors that deal with the Skyjacker soft ride 4in lift kits? I am interested in the kit that contains all 4 springs that will fit my 1969.

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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

I'm putting on an 8" skyjacker on my 72 k10.. I'm putting on the front leaf springs but after attaching the front of them, my stock shackles aren't long enough. Is this normal problem or should I call skyjacker? It's an all spring lift no blocks. AnywyS let me know
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Re: Best lift kits for a 72

its probably the arch in the spring. if it had a little weight on it i'm sure the shackle would line up better. its been a long time, but i installed the same set up on my 72. i don't really remember that being an issue. i think i had slightly longer than stock shackles at that point though so that may have been why i don't remember any problems.
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