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67, C20 not starting

Whatís going on guys? Been working this most of the day and am at the same point as where I began. Basically the truck will not start or even turn over. I put the multimeter on the battery and got 12.45, went to the starter and checked the positive connection there and got 12.45. Next I moved to the ignition wire on the starter and I am not sure if I got a solid connection there, it did read zero, like I said not sure if my connection was solid. I traced it down to where a re-wiring connection was done up on the firewall and I decided to cut it and re-connect it. I also went to where the wires connect to the ignition tumblr and the positive wire read a 12.45, I also did a reading on the ignition wire it read zero like it should and once I turned the key the meter read 12.45. I am going to replace the ignition wire from the starter to the ignition tumblr next weekend, looks like crap anyway and I feel it should remove al doubt that is the issue I would love to hear your guys thoughts and suggestions.

BTW, when the battery is hooked up all lights come on and car seems to have the power as if it is going to start.
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