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Little 67 daily driver

Iím not really driving it daily every single day, but thatís the plan eventually...Iím a busy dad with a busy job, so I guess I have to celebrate the little achievements. Since I do try to drive it 3 or 4 times a week, and I live in a small town with ďquaintĒ brick streets the rattling windows were really getting to me. New precision felts and seals fixed that pretty well, although I fondly remember when my windows rolled up and down easily...hopefully the new seals break in soon. While the door Panels were off, I stripped them down and wrapped them in gin-u-wine fake leather, and added some new armrests.

I know theyíre not correct for the 67, but they work fine for me...

Since the Kansas wheat harvest is over,I finally got a little time just to clean it up a bit, and just tinker a bit this weekend. One of the things on my list was just a touch of pinstriping, now Iím no expert, but Iíve never let that stop me...

A friend of gave me some grief over striping right over a dent, but to be honest, I didnít use a guide or have a plan, so the dent wasnít in the way until it was...I was just winging it and thatís how the design turned out...

While I had the one shot striping paint out, I decided to freshen up the tailgate letters a bit too.

So now, itís all cleaned up and vacuumed out, I suppose Iíll use it as the work commuter this week...

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Re: Little 67 daily driver

Man, that is the beauty of these trucks. From pulling a crusty one out of a field to $100,000 full on custom jobs and everything in between each of us have a passion for them. The rest is just time and money. I like what you have done and anyone keeping one of these on the road is a great thing! I like looking at the show trucks but I think I like seeing the rolling treasures even more.
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Re: Little 67 daily driver

Looks great! I love a nice restoration or custom but what turns my head is a sharp daily driver faded paint and all. Drive them till they drop,rebuild them and drive em again!
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Re: Little 67 daily driver

I was unable to find it in a quick search but there is a (common) lubricant that is safe for the felts that I used on mine and it worked great to let the windows slide more freely. You should be able to find it searching around.
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Re: Little 67 daily driver

Probably a silicone-based lube. We used to spray the window channelss with it, back in the early '70s. Doggoned if I can remember what it was called.
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