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lks dcvn
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Hey look magic smoke that makes stuff work!

OK - so here was my weekend project.

Strip out dash on my Dad's Truck and install a tach dash that I was going to put in my Blazer...

I got the old one out - put the new one in - with 4 LEDs in the illumination sockets.

When I went to try out the lights - nada (no dash lights - headlights/parking lights were on) - then I tried the turn signals - nada (no lights on dash or signal noise) - then I sat there and got confused...

THEN - I see smoke coming from out of the dash vents - great - I am going to burn down my project truck - my Dad won't get his truck afterall.

I quickly disconnect the battery and then come back to see what was smoking - turns out to be an Autozone Headlight Switch that the PO put in the truck...great. It was singed, but not burnt.

I have just enough time to button things back up last night.

Then I try it tonight with a spare GM switch that I had pulled from another truck.

Same response - smoke from under the dash - makes no sense to me...

I pulled the dash and started to do some turn signals used to make noise when they flashed - not anymore - silence and the turn signals lights flash erratically (they work - but they flash slow and fast at times - )

I even swapped in a spare set of flashers and they were silent as well - what gives...

I will try swapping in a spare dash cluster tomorrow and I will be picking up another headlight switch from NAPA on my way home.

Right now I have the cluster out, the headlights work, the turn signals work (strangely - but they work)...

Any and all help appreciated. If you need more information - just ask.

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