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68 Stepper
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Undercover 2 speakers

Looking at adding some new speakers to my 68 c10. I'm questiong whether to add a set of undercover 2 under the seat, or a set of 6x9 kicker ks series in the cab corners? Looking for advise or experiences with these? Should I be looking at something else?

Here is what else is in the system:
USA740 radio
Kicker IQ 1000W 5Ch amp
Kicker comp RT 10" sub
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Re: Undercover 2 speakers

Neither of those locations will provide good fidelity or imaging. If you are just looking for music in the cab either will be fine. A lot of car speakers are designed for "infinite baffle" mounting. Meaning a large enclosure, leaky to the back side or no enclosure. Sealing the front wave of the speaker from the back in a large enclosure will yield the best midbass/bass performance.
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Re: Undercover 2 speakers

Truck audio is a tricky subject because it really depends upon what a person likes to hear coming from their system. It's true that cab corners do not make the best enclosure but generally speaking, there are no areas of a car or truck which (by themselves) are suitable for good quality sound. There is a reason that speaker enclosures are not made of sheet metal.

And it is true that one does not really want the sound of a forward cone excursion to resonate throughout the sheet metal as it transfers sound easily and throws a large amount of audible flotsam into the listening field.

The reason we accept this is because there are few options otherwise or we have become accustomed to this as the way it is or should be.

A large enclosure does indeed help with mid/bass clarity but any enclosure at a auto speaker is a significant improvement over sheet metal.

Good quality speakers are often made of a non-directional material such as (mdf) then covered with a veneer for visual appeal.
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