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Re: Frame paint options

Originally Posted by lupo View Post
You call me a troll after calling me a snake oil salesman and I have skin in the game. I do have skin in the game. My brother-in-law and I founded the master series coating line in 1988. You were 8 years old at the time. My brother-in-law and I attended every major event Carlisle, Hershey, Daytona, Dunkirk New York. At the major shows we had at least 3 stands and we did it year after year until 2006, show after show and seeing the same people every year and no one ever accused us or anyone of selling snake oil or called us a fraud. Master crap has sold over 200,000 cans to date. I looked at those panels I don't see the M that you claim you see. I retired from the business years ago. It's now mastercoat LLC is a corporation. And my brother-in-law and I don't get the time out of it. If you're ever ready to have an intelligent conversation which I doubt let's compare products, for corrosion resistance, solvent resistance and any other test you want to run. Our data sheets have complete information of all the different test for the last 32 years. So Mr. exper with t your 3 day Nace course have a good evening.
And there you have it, I knew you were invested in it.

I don’t need to have an “intelligent” conversation with you...tried that and you didn’t respond until calling you a troll. LMAO. I have a lot more than NACE...I never took a 3 day course, but thanks.
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