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Br3w city

Truck Info
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Year: 1966
Suspension type: It has stock leaf spring rear, with 71-72 front suspension.

Front Brakes: Stock 1971-72 manual discs, being converted to Wilwood D52's
Rear Brakes: Stock 1966 drums, being converted to stock D52's and disc brakes.
Steering: 1971-72 steering pump and rack, aftermarket tilt column.
Rear differential type / Gears: GM Truck 12 bolt, 3:73 posi.
Tire and Wheel Size: Mickey Thompson aluminum wheels, 15x8.

Color Scheme: Multi / black
Bodyman: Me
Modifications: Shaved antenna and emblem holes
Paint Type: Various
Painter: Me

Color: Silver/grey and black
Wiring: 100% re-wired from the ground up. No aftermarket wiring harness. All new fuse panel, new wiring, and new switches for accessories.
Steering wheel/Column: stainless 5 way tilt column and grant GT wheel.
Stereo/Speakers/Amps:Pioneer cd/ipod control DEH-8400mp head unit, with 4 blaupunkt speakers (2 dash and 2 door)
Instrument Gauges: Autogage tach and Equus oil pressure, along with a scangauge. Mounted into custom Stainless gauge panel.

Cubic Inch: 364ci LQ4
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Camshaft: Texas Speed Tsunami
Cylinder heads: Stock 317's with TSP pushrods and PRC Dual valve springs
Exhaust type:Trailblazer SS Ls2 manifolds with custom exhaust stubs for o2 sensors.
Carburetor or Fuel Injection: Fuel injection, upgraded to Ford SVO 42lb injectors.

Automatic / Standard:Automatic 4l80e
Torque Converter: 2800stall 3 disc hd lockup converter, spec'd for nitrous use from All World Transmission
Modifications: Full rebuild with upgraded servo's
Shifter type: Hurst floor shifter
Drive Shaft: Custom length drive shaft by A1 drive shaft in Milwaukee.

What is your name? I am most often called Jay, but I also get addressed as "the beard guy" and Reverend Reefer.

Please share a few things about yourself.
Born and raised in Milwaukee WI for pretty much my entire life. Got into cars young and took up jobs at car dealerships and autoparts stores to be in the industry. I've since left the industry but have been a life long hot-rodder and enthusiast.

How long have you owned your truck? Since summer 2009.

What made you decide to buy this truck? I wanted an old ride for a project, as I had largely owned and modified late model domestic and import vehicles. I had also been into mini-trucks, so finding a "muscle truck" project was the best of both worlds. Even though I was in deep water with the project, probably overpaid (since I found alot of half-truths from the PO since owning it) I had to have it.

How do you store your truck, at home, garage, outside etc? I keep the truck in my garage, or at my fathers garage for bigger projects.

What do you enjoy about your truck the most? The completely period styling, and the fact that it polarizes people. You either love or hate the look or the hood lines and lean of the cab and roof.

Who or what was your biggest influence in building your truck? A small piece of the American dream as I see it,that I keep locked in the back of my head; A plot of land in rural america, cheap gas, and classic cars.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced in working on your project? During the time I've owned it, I fell victim to a number of health problems that made everyday life at times a struggle. I have 2 fractured vertebrea in my lower spine, anxiety/depression, and 2 digestive disorders.
How did you/do you handle it? The truck was at times the ONLY thing that gets me through. Being up and active can help my back (as long as I'm careful about lifting) and takes my mind off of the other problems. It also gave me an "eyes on the prize" feeling, knowing that giving up on the truck was giving up on myself.

What/who is you favorite/best part source? Summit has been fast and easy to deal with, and I have had recent positive experiences with the guys at Scotts Hot Rods.

What are some things have helped your project to be a success? This forum, duh. Community support from my local car forum, and the fact that it is all my own. I set out to do a "full project" way beyond the scope of anything I had done before. My best friend and I took the project head on, with no real training in any restoration or performance. With a limited selection of tools time and skills, decided to tackle EVERY aspect. Bodywork, engine swap, wiring, suspension, transmission and interior.

What is the history behind your truck? I'm the 3rd owner, and the 2 previous owners were 1 family. It came from Arkansas, spending time in both Georgia and Florida before coming to Wisconsin where it remains. I have the original owners manual and tags, along with a maintenance history going pretty far back.

What do you use your truck for? : Shows, cruising, and I plan to hit the strip this summer.

What is your favorite memory with your truck? I'm still making them.

Whats your favorite modification done to truck and why? The LQ4, how can an engine NOT be your favorite?

If you had one thing to do over on your build, what would it be and why? I would have had the body media blasted, and just accepted that the truck would be apart for a long time. Instead I did many things 1 peice at a time, which took longer over all.

What are your future plans for your truck? I am going to mini tub the bed to run larger rear tires/wheels. I also plan to add a procharger and roll bar if the money is there in a year or so.

What words of advice do you have to people who are just starting out with their project? Set a budget, then double it and add $1k. Stay positive even when just looking at a pile of parts. Keep your pipes and pockets green, and keep the rubber to the road.
'66 Short Step / SD Tuned / Big Cam LQ4 / Backhalfed /Built 4l80e / #REBUILDEVERYTHING

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Beading Charms
Gør dit eget beaded smykker giver dig mulighed for at oprette en af ??en slags stykker, der udtrykker din individualitet. Brugen af ??charme giver dig endnu flere muligheder. Charms kommer i mange materialer og en næsten endeløs række af mønstre.
Charms til enhver personlighed
Der er bogstaveligt talt tusindvis af forskellige charms til rådighed. De kommer i forskellige materialer, størrelser og designs. Tilføj din egen kreative flair, og mulighederne er uendelige. Du kan hænge en enkelt charme på en hals kæde eller armbånd, eller flere til at udtrykke et tema. Det er salomon sko tilbud også sjovt at skabe en tradition ved at tilføje charme på betydningsfulde øjeblikke salomon speedcross 3 såsom fødselsdage, jubilæer og helligdage.
Mange charms er lavet af tin, som er et materiale nemt manipuleres ind i en række forskellige former. De kan være hugget ind i de traditionelle former, såsom kors, hjerter, eller dyr, eller mere moderne temaer såsom biler eller fly. Ved hjælp af charme, kan du personalisere det smykke på en måde, der ikke er muligt med andre perler.
Charms kan bruges til at skabe salomon sko udsalg vidunderlige gaver, også. Hvis din mor elsker kasinoer, gør hende et armbånd dinglende kort, terninger, fire blade kløver, måske endda en miniature automat med farvede krystaller i vinduet måske hendes birthstone. Vin charms er meget populære gaver i disse dage, og meget nem at lave. Har du en dyreven i dit liv? Overraske dem med et armbånd lavet med en bred vifte af fugl, flodhest eller kat charme, de er sikker på at værdsætte den tanke, der gik ind i gave. Eller give dit havearbejde ven en halskæde, der dingler lidt trillebør, en murske og salomon tilbud en miniature frø pakke. Brug din fantasi, og have det sjovt browsing gennem de uendelige muligheder online.

blev koncentrationen af ??N2O4 målt som 0

eller vente på det at passere naturligt. Nå
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