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93 5.7 EGR question

On my 93 1/2 ton with 5.7 TBI I'm still getting a code 32 for the EGR. The check engine light doesn't come on every trip, but when it does it's always at light throttle at highway speeds. I've replaced the EGR vacuum solenoid. To get an idea of what is happening to throw the light I teed in a vacuum gauge between the solenoid and EGR valve have an indicator light wired into the solenoid. What I've found out is less than a second before the check engine light comes on the solenoid indicator light will blink off for a split second. Before the vacuum can even drop to 0 the indicator is back on. It's done this each time the check engine light has come on. Is this telling me the problem is either in the wiring or ECM instead of the EGR? It doesn't cause it to run bad, I just hate a check engine light. Thanks for any info.
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Re: 93 5.7 EGR question

This should help you, read all the posts...
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Re: 93 5.7 EGR question

I am the same ChevyTech that is in that thread that EVRLET posted a link to. Use the tests in that thread to get as far as you can and then ask questions here and I will try to walk you through it.

The first test I would suggest is to put a hand vacuum pump on the EGR valve and see if it will open with the engine off.
For those of you that are wondering why you are not getting replies to your thread:
Did you give the model, year, engine, fuel system type, and transmission information?
If it is modified from what came stock from the factory, let us know that too.
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