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Engine oil color

Okay, I have a strange situation and question. I changed my oil in my 2015 Silverado LTZ 5.3 and after driving home I checked the fluid and noticed it was just over the line. It was about a quarter of a quart over full. I crawled under it and drained a little bit. To my surprise the oil was dark in color. The oil I used was Mobile 1 full synthetic. I only drove like 50 miles before draining it out. What do y'all think? Is this normal? It was about the color of maple syrup and smelled and felt fine.
Note: I drained more to check the smell and color.
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Re: Engine oil color

Well this is what I found online. It is a Q&A from Mobile1. I used Mobile1 full synthetic which was one of the oils they were speaking about. The oil I got says it is good for 15K miles. To y'all using this Mobile1 product or others like it, how often do y'all change your oil? My boss buys this oil for his Challenger and still changes it at 7K miles. What do y'all think?

Q13: If my motor oil turns black, does that mean it's time to change the oil?
Chinn: This is a myth we hear a lot. But the truth is the color of an oil has absolutely no bearing on its lubrication ability. Nor does it automatically signal that you need an immediate oil change.

In fact, many oils will turn black in the first few hours of operation due to contaminants generated by the combustion process and soot particles. The engine combustion process produces soot and other byproducts that then can spread throughout the oil, resulting in the oil having a dark, almost black color.

For cars that are in good condition, the resulting black color typically means that the oil is doing its job, cleaning out soot and other byproducts of engine combustion.

In addition, some additives used in modern oils can produce a dark color over time and this is normal

It is best to change your oil based on time in months or miles. To find the optimum oil drain interval, refer to your owners’ manual to get the vehicle manufacturers’ recommended oil drain interval.

For first time Mobil1 users, it may be possible that the black color of the oil indicates that the strong additive package formulated into Mobil 1 is actively removing deposits from the engine.
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Re: Engine oil color

It looks normal to me.
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Re: Engine oil color

It looks okay to me. I also use Mobile one synthetic oil in my 2002 Z71 with the 5.3 engine. I bought the truck new and from the break in oil change it has always had the mobile oil. I change oil every 3000 miles along with the filter. I know I could go longer between changes but I'm old school and the truck has 187,000 miles on it and doesn't use a drop of oil.
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